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The Best of Reddit This Week

If you’re not familiar with Reddit, there’s little I can say that it’s slogan doesn’t already explain. It’s the “Front Page of the Internet”.  The place most things you see originate.  Or at least where they really took off to memehood.

I slogged through the endless posts and cat gifs to bring you the highest rated and most charming this week.


Dad having a blast at a concert from r/funny


Special Ops from r/gifs

My dog got on the news. This was my favourite bit. from r/gifs

Marriage proposal, and resulting shadow captured by drone from r/pics

Solving a mystery from r/gifs

And the beat drops… from r/funny

If this isn’t the epitome of this sub, I don’t know what is from r/blackmagicfuckery

Winter In Finland. from r/Damnthatsinteresting

She us right you know! from r/pics

All the nurses came in and sang to my mom, and gave her a cake for her last day of chemo treatment ??. from r/pics

This Delta flight was piloted by a mother and daughter flight crew. Pretty inspiring. from r/pics

He attached a pulley system to the door that makes it automatically close from r/gifs

A grandpa got a cochlea implant tattoo to become like his grandson from r/aww