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2 Important Crime docs coming to Lifetime

Lifetime is the gold standard when it comes to turning crimes into over acted, but fascinating tv movies, so its little surprise they’re bringing their A game to the popular Crime Documentary genre.

First up is “From Darkness to Light”, starring Leah Remini (no, it’s not about Scientology) and 3 time Olympic gold winner Aly Raisman.  Aly was one of the dozens of Olympic athletes to come forward and say that Olympic doctor Larry Nassar had been molesting her for some time.

Raisman and Remini hope to help victims of sexual assault find their voice in order to start healing and turn from victim to survivor.   There’s no word yet on the release date.

The other Documentary, which I personally am totally watching, is “Smart Justice: The Jayme Closs Case”.  Jayme Closs, if you don’t remember, was the young girl abducted from her home after her parents were murdered by a madman who chose her based on something so insane as seeing her board a bus one day.

Jayme spent, then 13, spent 88 days with her capture before being rescued.   And the interviewer is none other than Elizabeth Smart (hence the title), who also was also infamously abducted by a religious madman in 2002. “Smart Justice” comes to Lifetime on April 27.

Both  stories need to be told and are just riveting.