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Did Wendy’s Husband’s mistress just give birth?

There are sources, some more reliable than others, saying Wendy Williams’ husband, Kevin Hunter, just became a dad again after his mistress gave birth on Monday.  Lots to unbox here, so lets sort this out.

Rumors of marriage trouble have plagued Wendy for a long time. She has denied these rumors fervently, although that never slowed them.  Most recently the dailymail and Entertainment tonight have posted photos as “proof” of Kevins affair with Sharina Hudson.  A 33 year old massage therapist. (Photo above)

Soon after we learned that Wendy Williams was living in a sober house while she works on getting healthy after developing an addiction to pain meds and alcohol.  Every day Kevin picks her up and brings her to the studio to tape her show and then returns her to the sober house immediately after.

Now various outlets (USMagazine and USA Today, for starters) are reporting Sharina has given birth to Kevins child in a New York City hospital.  To boot, Wendy was seen later Monday without her wedding ring on. (below)  A statement never seen until now.

So the mystery continues. I don’t know how she’ll muster the strength to go before her audience tomorrow, but I’ll certainly be watching!