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Ton Loc detained after argument over some boys hat

Remember Tone Loc? Wild Thing? Funky Cold Medina? Well he’s in a bit of hot water for getting riled up in a Texas airport after seeing a young man in a confederate flag hat.  Which, I feel like that’s probably easy to spot in Texas, right?

Loc, real name is Anthony Terrell Smith, was temporarily handcuffed by police at the Midland International Air & Space Port after a heated exchange with an unnamed white man and woman on Saturday, reports KOSA-TV.

And naturally there’s video. (below)

In it you see Tone getting worked up and yelling “Fuck your confederate shit”.  I sentiment I share, but come on. You can’t yell at someones kid and not expect back lash.

The video shows him getting into a verbal confrontation with a man and woman the witness said are the boy’s parents who defended their son saying he can wear whatever he wants.

Security agents arrived soon after and handcuffed Tone Loc. A spokesperson for the City of Midland said the rapper was detained, but not arrested.  Shortly after he was released and went on his way.