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omg Aunt Becky once had a school admissions scam storyline on Full House

The most recent revelation in the Lori Loughlin section of the college cheating scandal is so delicious I could throw up.   Seem aunt becky should have taken her own advice from one specific 1990s episode of the hit show in the wake of a college admissions scandal.

This week the 54-year-old turned herself in to federal authorities after she was indicted on charges of bribery in order to get her daughters into a good college.

It did not take long for Twitter to draw comparisons between the current scandal and a 1993 episode of Full House, titled Be True to Your Preschool, with a similar storyline.

In season six of the iconic family sitcom, Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) exaggerates the academic credentials of the twin boys he shares with Aunt Becky (Loughlin) to get the kids into a prestigious preschool.

Jesse goes so far as to flat out lie and falsify documents in order to secure young Nicky and Alex spots at the upper crust institution.

Loughlin’s character comes clean in the episode about Jesse’s lies to the school and later has a heart-to-heart with her on-screen husband, telling him that the school really doesn’t matter.  Can you stand it??