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Black Friday Deal Never Felt So Good!!

This is the deal of the year for all your personal gifting needs. 35% off using code stepzalo35 at THIS HIGH END SEX TOY STORE .

We all love toys, and ZALO is a brand new luxury vibrator / novelty to / sex aide / marriage aide (I am not sure what you are supposed to call sex toys these days). I just know that the stigma around vibrators that you may or may not have grown up with, like I grew up with, are out the window.

We as liberated women have managed to say “we’re allowed to have help reaching orgasms too”. Whether we decide to do that alone, or with our partner, or on a webcam show or a long distance facetime show with our lover in Europe while we are here in America or not, it’s our right.

The good news with the opening up of the sex toy market, is that there has be real innovation by the people embracing the industry, because they know it is a great way to just make your life so much more fulfilled.

So now we have so many options, not all offensive or vulgar, or cheap and available at Walgreens, while some like Zalo are precious and luxurious like a collectible or a fine wine or even Jewelry. They take an art or renaissance approach to what really should be seen as an artistic device to enhance the life of everyone around you.

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Here is a little info about their products:

The Queen Series:

From its innovative PulsWave™ technology, ZALO also aims to bring women a brand new experience of G-spot exploration. Different from the traditional vibrating stimulation, PulsWave™ applies the exclusive wave-motor drive. The proper curve angle and the gentle flap on the G-spot form a finger-pulp size area can make it easier for women to feel their G-spots and get pleasure. With the cooperation of the PulseWave™ motor and another independent vibrating motor, as well as the heating function, women can uncover the deeply sealed enjoyments.

The Lolita Series

The charming and lovely Lolita series uses mellow and delicate modeling to create softer touch sensation and dreamlike atmosphere, and help you explore the trip to love and beauty with maiden’s heart.

The Sweet Magic Series

Confidence, is the most precious quality of women. Due to the confidence, they are radiant, always be the center of attention, and are never worried about losing charm due to aging appearance. Just as what ZALO would like to give you. Possess confidence, possess charm.

The Jeanne Series

This intelligent massager named after Princess Jeanne is the magnificent intimate product for elegant you.

French noble lady Jeanne from 18th century is the muse of Jeanne massager. Simple but exquisite design style is fit to be held in the palm of your hand. Silky elegant curves enhance pleasure to the whole body.

There are so many more options on their site. Something for everyone. So shop there and use the 35% off code stepzalo35 for all your gifting needs. Even if you’re gifting yourself. We won’t tell anyone CLICK HERE