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Vince Vaughn’s mug shot released from June DUI

Vince Vaughn, a former obsession of mine, has apparently been arrested for a DUI in Hermosa Beach Cal.

The details are still coming in, despite the incident itself happening 3 months ago.  The Los Angeles District Attorney charged the 48-year-old actor with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and disobeying an officer on June 10, 2018, according to a Friday report TMZ.

He was busted early Sunday morning on June 10 at a checkpoint, according to the Manhattan Beach Police Department.  Vaughn was stopped was driving with a male passenger.

According to a Facebook post by the Manhattan Beach police, the department held a DUI and driver’s license checkpoint event from 8pm Saturday night until 3am Sunday morning.

According to Manhattan Beach PD, Vaughn and his passenger were stopped at the checkpoint around 12:30 AM, and asked to step out of the vehicle. Cops say both men were uncooperative and, initially, refused to get out.

Once they did, Vaughn was arrested around 1 AM and booked and cited for misdemeanor DUI, as well as obstructing an officer. His passenger was booked for obstruction and public intoxication.

Both men posted bail and have been released.