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Low-digit license plate sold for $410K at auction

What’s your car’s license plate worth to you? If it’s a low-digit Delaware plate, odds are it could fetch more than your house, like one sold recently by a Rehoboth-based auctioneer.

William “Butch” Emmert appeared on CNN’s “Smerconish” Saturday, August 26, 2018, with the number 20 plate he sold for a record $410,000; he said the low-numbered plate craze is pretty much a “Delaware thing.”

“Originally, in the mid-to-late ’50’s, these low-digit tags were traded to political figures and people of means as political favors, and then in the ’60’s, they started really trading for a fair amount of money,” said Emmert.

Emmert added numbers 1 through 3 are owned by political leaders, and number 4 isn’t available now, either.