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Kourtney Kardashian & Younes Bendjima Have Broken Up – he’s already moved on

It appears that Kourtney Kardashian may be single again! And Younes Bendjima could be back on the market. That’s right, the two have apparently called it quits as of August 7 according to TMZSome people saw it coming a mile away. Others, who were blinded by all those fancy vacation pics, didn’t see it at all. So, what’s social media going to look like now that Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima have broken up? Well, here’s one thing I know for sure: there won’t be any shortage of bikini pics if Bendjima is, in fact, out of the picture.

As you may recall, Bendjima was up in arms over Kardashian’s revealing thong bikini pic just weeks ago.

“That’s what you need to show to get likes?” he commented on one of Kardashian’s Instagram photos.

Kardashian was reportedly frustrated by his thoughtlessness, which only amplified the problems in their relationship.

At the time, a source told E! News that Kardashian didn’t like Bendjima’s impulsive nature and need to insult her publicly:

Kourtney doesn’t appreciate Younes posting his feelings in a public forum and being impulsive. She’s frustrated that he continues to get upset about it. She isn’t going to stop doing what she’s doing and feels like he needs to understand and deal with it … Younes gets jealous and can be possessive of Kourtney. When she posts half naked pictures, he gets very upset. He wants her for himself and doesn’t want to share her with the world.

So, while that was going down, the relationship was apparently floundering. And now, it’s come to this. After almost two years of dating, vacationing, snapping sexy pics together, and living it up, it’s all over. In fact, TMZ might even have the photos to prove it.

On Monday, August 6, Bendjima was photographed in Mexico getting flirty with a woman named Jordan Ozuna who reportedly used to date Tyga and Justin Bieber. From here, their interaction looks way more than “friendly.”