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Johnny Depp’s Notorious B.I.G. movie delayed amid his troubles

City of Lies, a crime drama Johnny Depp stars in, has been yanked from its initial September 7 release.

The 55-year-old A-lister plays Det. Russell Poole in the film – which examines the aftermath of law enforcement examining The Notorious B.I.G.’s March 1997 murder in the wake of Tupac Shakur’s October 1996 killing – using the 2003 book LAbyrinth as its source material.

It was not immediately clear when the Brad Furman-directed film would be put out, as no new date has been announced by its distributor, Global Road Entertainment.

The enigmatic actor’s has had a difficult summer, including a Rolling Stone story that called his lifestyle and finances into question; ongoing fallout from domestic violence allegations made in 2016 by his ex-wife Amber Heard; as well as a lawsuit stemming from the shooting of City of Lies.

The Hollywood veteran last month was at a receiving end of a lawsuit over his alleged actions on the set of the movie, as location manager Gregg ‘Rocky’ Brooks claimed in his suit that the Edward Scissorhands actor struck him on multiple occasions amid a dispute during filming, TMZ reported.

Brooks said that during production the evening of April 13, 2017, he told Depp and Furman they needed to wrap things up based on their schedule.

He said a boozy Depp hit him two times in his ribs, then told him, ‘I will give you $100,000 to punch me in the face right now,’ before the star’s guards guided him away.