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Horrified commuter watch man OUTSIDE the doors of NYC subway

A horrifying video posted on social media shows a man latching onto the side of a NYC subway car as it pulled out of a station in Brooklyn at around 8:30am on Friday.

The incident took place on a Manhattan-bound C train which stopped at the Clinton-Washington Avenues station in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn.

As the train continues on its journey, a man is seen riding along on the outside of the double side doors.


The incident was witnessed and filmed by Matthew Beary, who uploaded the clip to his Instagram account.

‘I’d never seen anybody do it before,’ Beary told the New York Post on Sunday.

He witnessed a practice known as ‘skylarking’.

Another stunt that people try is ‘subway surfing’, or climbing atop the subway car as if it were a surfboard.

According to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, at least 15 people have died because of skylarking or subway surfing since 1989.


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