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‘Jerry Springer’ Canceled!

Saying goodbye to one of the longest-running talk shows on television. After 27 seasons, The Jerry Springer Show is coming to an end, according to US Mag.

The CW will air a mix of pre-produced original episodes as well as current library. Encore (repeat) episodes will continue to air in traditional syndication. A show insider confirmed that the network is considering ordering more episodes down the line and encore episodes will continue to air in syndication.

A second source reported that the show had its series wrap party on June 8, which included cocktails, drag queens and more. There was also a video monitor that read, “I survived The Jerry Springer Show.” The current production crew has been laid off.

Host Jerry Springer first began the show in September 1991 and has since taped nearly 4,000 episodes. The show is a tabloid talk show that is most-known for bringing on families and couples disagreeing; this disagreements often end in violent fights.

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  • ummmm… with all that’s going on in politics (Is it raining? Is it snowing? Is a hurricane a’blowing? Umpa-Lumpa umpady-doo…) Jerry just seems… so 2012. The end of civilization that, once again, wasn’t. The world keeps on turning. We hyoo-mahns are just a fad; like the dinosaurs, only we doan need no stinkin’ comet…

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