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Donald Trump Jr. and Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle are a couple

Prepare to barf… it’s official.  Donald Trump Jr. is dating Kimberly Guilfoyle and the Fox News host has even received the seal of approval from the president and the first family.

A source close to the president’s son said the two are ‘crazy about each other’ and have never tried to hide their romance.

‘They’re really into each other, it’s obvious from the way they are together, and they haven’t tried to hide it.  But they haven’t felt compelled to make any kind of pronouncement that they’re romantically involved,’ the source said.

Dailymail obtained the pics of the two lovebirds seen at the new sushi restaurant at the Trump International in DC, on the Delta shuttle, and embracing at the opening of the Trump Ferry Point golf clubhouse on Monday.

Don and Kim began dating in late March, around the time Trump Jr., 40, and wife Vanessa, 40, announced their decision to split after 12 years of marriage. 

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