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Scott Baio Vows to Hold Nicole Eggert Accountable for ‘Untrue’ Claims

The broke the news that Scott Baio is almost officially in the clear after learning that the District Attorney will not be prosecuting him for allegedly assaulting Nicole Eggert, and he’s promising to not let the actress off the hook for waging war and accusing him of sexual assault.

Baio tells says he is “Grateful to both the LAPD and the District Attorney’s office for their thoughtful investigation.”

It was reported earlier Wednesday that after a meeting with the District Attorney, Eggert’s claims were found “credible,” but upon contacting the D.A.’s office the blast was told that the report was “not true.” The technical reason for the dropped case will most likely be due to a statute of limitations, and is probably something Eggert should have addressed with her advisors before subjecting herself to the public crusade.

Baio tells says the reported comments that the D.A. wanted prosecute were inconsistent and he “did not believe them to be accurate,” and is pleased with the “rapid statement from the DA’s office disavowing them.”

We’re told the former “Charles in Charge” star “looks forward to being vindicated based on the facts,” but vows that “Nicole Eggert will be held accountable for her untrue and defamatory claims” that have been directed against Baio and his family.

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  • Scott Baio is trash. Always has been, always will be.
    I don’t know what Joanie saw in him.