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Met Gala Fashion Review!

Fashion’s biggest night didn’t let style fans down on Monday, as the stars revealed their imaginative takes on the theme Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, which has been described as a bid ‘to create a dialogue between fashion and the masterworks of religious art’.

These are in no particular order, but I’ve been sick for over a week, so expect no punches to be pulled.

Rihanna.  Riri looks perfect for the event, style wise, but I feel like she looks dirty. Not “dirty sexy” but like “No time to shower” dirty. Which is a shame b/c it literally distracted me from this insane masterpiece by John Galliano. And better yet, the dress has offended catholics around the world and that’s just icing on the cake.

This is Shailene Woodley, which I still never figured out what that is, but she’s dressed as one of those early oppressor guards and I just want to lightly punch her to see if she has a tin base there. I applaud her choice to remove all femininity from her face.


Bella Hadid. I… I don’t know what you are or stand for here. I don’t hate it, but you deserve no further comment.

Rita Ora looked lovely in this long ass train of a dress that says nothing about the Catholic theme. Way to show up.

Thank god Madonna still drags her tired bones out of bed to make a spectacle of herself.


SHUT UP. I was 100% certain someone convinced Sarah Boyle to come to the met gala. This is Lena Dunham, she wishes she has Sarah’s talent, looking rather appropriate! I looove a good cloak.


Sarah JP has been front and center at these events since they were anything anyone knew about and that’s because she’s a true slave to fashion. The Catholic theme tonight was a gimmie. These should all be slam dunks. Anyway, Sjp has it down.


I have no idea who this is. None. Nice hat tho.  oh.. I’ve been informed it’s designer Tabatha Simmons. Have at it, Tabby.

Zoe Kravitz is not on theme and looks like she’s there simple as a child of famous people. Waste of a ticket.


Zendaya… Zendaya is becoming my new Solange. There is nothing she can’t do. This girl looks like a knight on their way to a ball. Even did her hair right.  God bless you, Z.

Kanye is usually her ticket in, but tonight she was stag. Both b/c he’s in Wyoming and I imagine they couldn’t afford to hire enough detail to cover them from haters.  dress is bleh.

Cara Delevingne with a ?friend? in a pretty cool outfit. I think she’s supposed to be a confessional booth.



This is Solange. All hail her. I don’t care if her look says catholics from space, she takes chances and makes statements.

Cardi B dragged her fabulous pregnant ass onto this carpet and made an impact her FIRST time here. Of course I hear later her body guards were giving out beat downs, but I hope not.

Niki Minaj…. I mean cool dress… what’s got to do with the theme?


At lease this bubblehead, Gigi Hadid, wore a dress with a feather in it. Feathers are catholic, right? 

J Lo looks great. There’s a cross there at least. That’s fun. And I love the colors. Really looks night on her.

Now here’s the thing. Sure, Katy Perry’s dress is crazy on point. She has giant wing like the angel Gabriel.  But I saw her in this at the Ralph’s market out on Cali’s PCH not a week ago.  The joke being, she is always dressed like it’s a costume party.

Lana Del Ray is like the most hated nobody in the Indie music biz, but she looks pretty good here! She came with Jared Leto who, like Katy Perry, may have grabbed his outfit out of the laundry basket.

Unreal. This bitch (Amil Clooney) and her husband (George Clooney) HOSTED this event this year! So how are you in a floral strapless number?? Maybe they want to make sure they’re never asked again.


Lara Spencer… I don’t know how you got passed the ropes or what you were thinking but you are the most ungalafied individual I have ever seen. Nothing about this works and… honesty how did you get in?



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