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Jay-Z Sued Over Purchase of Tidal

According to, Jay-Z is accused of stiffing the lawyers he used to purchase Tidal, who are now seeking more than half-a-million dollars in damages.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Roschier and SEB claim they were hired by S. Carter Enterprises in late 2014 to represent them in the Tidal deal. They claim they were to “act as financial advisor and handling and settlement agent to Carter Enterprises or its designee for the Tidal deal.”

Roschier and SEB claim the deal went off without a hitch and Roschier billed S. Carter Enterprises for approximately $629,000. Roschier claims S. Carter Enterprises never disputed the amount.

In May and September of 2015, Roschier claims they received partial payments from S.Carter Enterprises but a $294,000 balance remained.

Similarly, SEB says they billed S. Carter Enterprises $785,894 for their work and received partial payments leaving a balance of $304,383.

To this date, Roschier and SEB claim S. Carter Enterprises has failed to pay the rest of the bill.