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T.J. Miller Told Not to Leave the Country Following Arrest

T.J. Miller is not allowed to leave the country while out on bond for allegedly calling in a false bomb threat.

According to the conditions of release filed by in the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut, Miller can only travel within the United States until a judge rules otherwise.

Miller must not violate any laws while on release and must “cooperate in the collection of a DNA sample” if one is ordered.

The comedian is scheduled to perform at a comedy club in Philadelphia on Thursday called Helium Comedy Club. They tell us, “The shows are still on.”

It’s worth noting that Miller had to sign the document and his signature is … well … interesting.

The Blast reported, T.J. Miller was arrested Monday night after he allegedly called in a fake bomb threat while traveling on a train headed to New York City back in March.

According to the United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut, Miller was charged with intentionally conveying to law enforcement false information about an explosive device on a train.

Miller allegedly called a 911 dispatcher in New Jersey and reported that he was on Amtrak Train 2256 traveling from Washington, D.C., toward Penn Station in New York City, and that a female passenger “has a bomb in her bag.”

According to the complaint, it was later discovered that Miller was on a different train, which was later inspected and “found not to contain any explosive devices or materials.”

Miller was released on $100,000 bond. The charge carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison.