Today's Evil Beet Gossip

Going to the PGA Masters? Don’t yell these things on the course.

Yelling “dilly dilly,” which apparently is a thing in golf now, will get you tossed out of The Masters golf tournament at Augusta National later this week.

Good. Can we get “get in the hole!” added to the list?

The report comes from a golf site’s editor, who says the golf course is cracking down on common phrases yelled during pro golf tournies.

Here’s the deal…  In golf, when a player is about to swing his club, the audience must remain silent. And they do. Like pin drop silent.  But once ball and club meet the applause, gasp or, at times, strange phrases can flow.  Most notably to golf fans is the “Baba Booey” shout outs.  Booey is the producer of the Howard Stern Show, if you were unaware.

Now, sick of all variations of tom foolery shouted after tee drives (never putts, mind you. Not even from the most ridiculous of vagrants) and have alerted their security to throw out ANYONE shouting the following banned terms.