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Golden Globes Red Carpet Review!

This year the men and women hitting the red carpet chose to wear black in solidarity of the Times Up movement, which is sort of an amalgamation of the womens movement, the Me Too movement and the equality movement.

A representative for the cause said there was no agenda to choosing black as the color to wear, other than everyone has something black in their closet. So no one would be forced to shop in order to participate. Which is smart and actually makes me feel a little better about it. I was originally really annoyed that my beloved GG red carpet was being hijacked to make a point, but it does raise the bar to stand out and make it exciting.

So lets see how everyone did.

Diane Kruger is on every stylists dream client list. I know that for a fact. And this is why. She wears everything like she’s Grace Kelly. She looks stunning and… you can’t really tell here but there are lovely little coins dangling all around that sheer wrap of hers and it’s elegant AF.


There were a LOT of ladies in tuxes last night and the look can be flawless or boring, it’s really that simple. Sterling K Browns wife, Ryan, is gorgeous but her tux was the most meh of all the tuxes that night. Luckily her hubbies tux was pretty smooth. Velvet wins every time.


Grace Adler… my bad.. Debra Messing looks like the grown woman she is, so I can’t fault her for that, but her outfit felt very “mother of the bride” to me.


Catherine Zeta Jones Douglas came stag, leaving her husband Michael Douglas at home with the kids.  She looks amazing… but she’s basically in a body suit with a long tutu on. But it’s good. I like it. That’s a plunge neckline like no other as well.


Kerry Washington makes everyone’s best dressed list every time she goes out, but this is not working for me. This Studio 54 dress with the heavily embellished booties and the slit and the waist tie and the raggy hair… this is just not her ‘A’ game. Not close.


Dakota Johnson…. I mean I don’t even… This dress is so lovely. Just practically a fantasy dress. And then she goes and wears her hair and make up like she’s coming from yoga!  But the dress was clearly chosen with care. So why style yourself like you don’t care?  One of the few stand out dresses almost ruined by lack of effort.


Heidi Klum is always good for a mess of a dress. This one isn’t one of her crazier concoctions, but the mandatory black really ties her hands.  This little number would usually be gold or pink. Though as is it’s still very Madonna circa 1987.


This I love. Allison Williams said “all black my ass… I’m sneaking some color in there!” And if you’re going to sneak color into a carpet full of all black, orange is the way to go. The detail on this Armani dress is impeccable.


Issa Rae is wearing Prabal Gurung, who dressed Kerry Washington. Seems he saved his best stuff for the up and coming stars, b/c this is much more of a statement and feels much more Globes worthy.


Saoirse Ronan took home the best actress award last night. So that’s the good news. Her Atelier Versace dress may not have been so lucky. The space agey looking gown had this weird foam filled silver shoulder and the sleeveless arm seemed very last minute. But she’s all of 24, so this is when you wear this kind of stuff, so have at it.


Isabelle Huppert, I don’t know who you are, but you’re either crazy or some kind of fashion genius. This is pure Avant Garde and it baffles me into surrender.


Millie Bobby Brown. She’s so hot she doesn’t even walk with her Stranger things cast who all came together. But she looks so fun.  She looks like a model from the 60’s with her wing eye make up and ruffley loose satin Calvin Klein dress.


Mandy Moore is another girl who said F that to the idea of a total black out of style. Her dress is gorg. I love the sash and I LOOVE the neck on this dress. The scarf ends tossed behind her is such a classic elegant feature.


Tracee Ellis is member of my fame squad. (the famous people I would be best friends with if I were famous) so I wont come down too hard on her for this plain ass Marc Jacobs dress.  But I’m always a fan of the turban. Luv ya bb.


Susan Kelechi Watson, get your ass to my place STAT! You fierce bitch, we have to become friends. I don’t watch your hit show, This Is Us, so this is our first time meeting, but I’m keeping my eye on you, Susan Kelechi Watson. That jumpsuit is … whatever 2018’s answer to “on fleek” is.


Dove Cameron, the Disney TV star, looks quite radiant in this gorgeous velvet dress with the pretty gold bow detail. I could do without the platinum blonde, but again, she’s like 20. She can do whatever she wants, that’s how you find your main style.


Oh for heavens sake. Susan Sarandon looking like an under paid office clerk at around 4:50pm.  You couldn’t even wear a belt? And I see you had lipstick on at one time, but just the liner is left now. So clearly there wasn’t even a moment on the way over where you felt the need to check yourself.  You do you, I guess.


Shailene Woodley … this dress is sooo cute in high res. The top sparkles and yet the black lines still really pop. And that belt and the tulle… just lovely.


The internet was dying to know how Kendall Jenner got an invite to the Globes since she’s in no way involved in any nominated shows and has no conceivable reason to be there.  But she’s the only person there wearing couture (that I know of) and it’s quite a gown.  Giambattista Valli couture.  Feast.


I love Allison Janney as an actress and now I’m going to have to keep an eye on her style game as well.   Janney is wearing a vintage dress and it’s so detailed and visually interesting. And it fits her like a glove. I think she looks perfect.

Margot Robbie went all out with this Gucci. One of the things I expected to miss the most with the red carpet black out was all the amazing colorful Gucci dresses. So it’s interesting to see what they were able to do.


Angie Jolie. What can we say.  She appears to be in some old hollywood dressing gown, but in reality it’s a show stopping Atelier Versace dress that only AJ could pull off.  The draping on this is perfect, btw. Look close at the waist and hip, how that all pulls in perfectly.


Some designers have such a signature style… Reese’s dress could be nothing but a Zac Posen.  It’s really just a perfect simple clean classic design.  The man does a mermaid like no other designer.  Maybe Dior in the Galliano days, but I digress.  It’s perfect. Someone get this girl a glass of champagne.


Oh Halle. Girl you are so much better than this. Who’s telling you and Sarandon and Dakota that this hair is a trend? And this dress is too short. You’re grown now.


I’m really unsure about this dress. I mean I know I don’t like it. It looks like a belted hammock. But I’m not sure if the dark area under the skirt is part of the dress or is Kate just giving no fucks and rocking Spanx out in the open?


Sharon Stone is killing in this form fitting cutout dress.  Woman’s about to be 60.  And that’s her son, Roan. He’s gonna be a stone cold fox.


Kelly Clarkson wearing the plus size womans best friend, Christian Siriano. The Project Runway winner designs for curves better than anyone. And sadly he’s often the only designer willing to dress the curvy. So all hail Christian.  Kelly looks ready for a fairy tail in her black and gold creation.


It was a hard choice for best and worst dressed this year since the color unity made for few real standouts.  I do want to say that I found the carpet more interesting than usual, conversation wise, but for the most part the carpet was boring without the pizzazz of pinks and reds.

My pick for worst dressed will have to go to Susan Sarandon.  Though I want honorable mention for Halle Berry.


And my best dressed is gonna have to go to Susan Kelechi Watson!  Her sequined jumpsuit was just the most interesting and luxe look from head to toe. Literally.





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  • you would love what’s her face “this is us” person’s style on the show, too. hair, style – you’d love it. look up some stills.

    I don’t always love millie bobby brown’s look. I don’t know. I guess…I feel like she’s trying to take my little sister Emma Watson’s place and she’s not worthy.

  • So the whole movement behind wearing all black was to show solidarity and show that women should be treated with the same human rights that men are treated with, and not as sexual objects for men to toy with. Then this whole post is about objectifying women and judging them purely off aesthetics, you kind of crap on Sarandon for not trying hard enough to be pretty… seems antithetical and hyprocritical to me… but what do I know, I’m just some cisgendered heteronormative straight male.