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Sarah Hyland Posts Personal Pics from her 2017 Illness

Sarah Hyland is the 26 year old star of Modern Family celebrated the New Year by saying good bye to the last year, with a post that showed pictures of her when she was sick, even one very graphic one, with a caption that both talks about suicide and her illness that she’s mentioned before, but never made clear what it was exactly and the bright new future she feels she has, thanks to finding her boyfriend, who some have assumed is an opportunist taking advantage of a famous girl at the lowest point in her life, because he’s eager to get famous and this is the “marrying for a green card” equivalent.

For most of 2017 I couldn’t wait for it to be over. It was the hardest/worst year I’ve ever had, but with family, friends, and perseverance I was able to overcome obstacles I honestly thought about giving up on. After I decided to continue fighting, as I always have, everything fell in to place and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. So instead of walking in to 2018 with hopes that things will get better.. I feel like I’m soaring in to the new year with new life, love and understanding. I hope all of you have an amazing and safe New Year’s Eve!

Pretty heavy stuff! But Happy New Year To All!