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The Hot Felon’s female counterpart.


Remember “Hot Felon” Jeremy Meeks? The SoCal Crips gang member who’s mug shot was so hot he had modeling gigs lined up before he even finished his 27 months for robbery.  Then he got out and got runway work and a fashion heiress to boot. Meeks has been dating Top Shop heiress Chloe Green for a while now and the two show up all over the world displaying a perverse amount of PDA.

Jeremy Meeks our with Top Shop Heiress, Chloe Green


Now enter 20 year old female felon, Mirella Ponce, arrested on weapon charges and having her baby in the car at the time… I don’t know if she was arrested for that, but whatever.  So Mirella is a member of the Tiny Rascal Gang… I shit you not. That’s a gang in Fresno California.  It’s described at a Cambodian American Gang. Which sounds scary enough.  But the twitterverse weighed in (when don’t they) and they think she a full on yes.

Purple gun. She’s so stylish!





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