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Jennifer Lawrence Vomits at Broadway Show

Jennifer Lawrence lost her lunch during a performance of Olivia Wilde’s Broadway show, “1984,” on Monday night — but it wasn’t the edgy play that made the megastar sick.

Monday night, a source said, “Midway through the show, Jennifer Lawrence bolted from her seat. Several people saw her getting sick in the lobby. The ushers were very helpful and courteous in helping her out.”

But a friend of Lawrence’s explained that the star’s reaction had nothing to do with the play but rather, “She caught the stomach flu from her nephews.”

Previous reports of theater fans fainting and tossing their cookies at the intense Orwellian drama at the Hudson Theatre were reported, so naturally people assumed it was that.

“Sending my love to those 4 people who fainted in the audience,” Wilde even tweeted in May with the disclaimer, “Warning: this is not your grandma’s Broadway.”

The visceral reactions are apparently thanks in part to the show being “loud, and people find it shocking,” a theater pro said. “There is a particularly harrowing scene involving a rat.”