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$25,000 taco goes for just $7,000 at auction

The world’s most expensive taco, priced at US $25,000, was auctioned off last week for a steal, netting US $7,000 for the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation.


Created by the executive chef at the Hotel Grand Velas Los Cabos, the deluxe taco won international attention when it was introduced earlier this year.

Juan Licerio Alcalá’s variation on the quintessential Mexican dish is a gold-infused corn tortilla containing Kobe beef, shrimp, the world’s most expensive caviar and a black-truffle Brie cheese, garnished with an “exotic” salsa made from chile morita, ultra premium Ley Diamante .925 tequila and kopi luwak, the rare coffee made from beans extracted from the excrement of an Asian palm civet, a type of cat.

As far as chef Licerio is concerned, it’s worth the price for “the delicacy, the technique and the harmony.”

But there were few — if any — takers.

So the pricey taco was offered as a prize in a draw. And the draw winner, through a ticket bought as a donation, was the local Children’s Foundation. It turned around and offered it in an auction, with the bidding starting at $500, in conjunction with an event on Friday called Sip & Savor at the Grand Velas.