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The X-Files season 11 confirmed 2017-04-21 00-29-53


After the ratings success of the six-episode The X-Files revival miniseries, Fox has announced David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson will be returning for another batch.

The 10-episode “season 11” will go into production in a few months and the finished product is expected to air either later this year or early 2018, according to a statement from Fox.

Another season was inevitable after the 2016 revival ended on a dramatic cliffhanger with the fate of every character (and the world) hanging on a tether. The series was never really going to end forever with Scully and Mulder staring up at an alien spaceship light beam as Mulder succumbs to an alien virus. And it didn’t answer one of the most pressing questions — where and what is William?!

The 2016 revival was one of the highest rated shows for the year in the US and generated considerable social media buzz.

But whether or not we really need another instalment is up for debate, considering how uneven the miniseries was.

Fox has not released any details about the creative team other than the involvement of series creator Carter, Duchovny and Anderson.