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GEORGE LOPEZ & D.L. HUGHLEY Get Charlie Murphy Tats

The comedian world is a tight group.  Those who take to the stage to tell jokes and risk the silence of the crowd earn a sort of exclusive badge that gets you respect and loyalty from other 2017-04-21 14-07-29

That friendship is evident as George Lopez and DL Hughley honor their dear friend Charlie Murphy by tattooing his nickname, “Darkness”, on their hands.

The comedians decided to get permanent tributes Thursday night — rolling into Fun City Tattoo in NYC.

Rick James gave Charlie the nickname back in the day — and Charlie shared those stories during his “True Hollywood Stories” on “Chappelle’s Show.”

Lopez and Hughley had been in NYC for Murphy’s funeral on Wednesday when they decided to get the tats. They were joined by close friends Bryan Kellen and Franco Porporino Jr.

Charlie passed away on April 12 after battling cancer. He was 57.