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Drake wants charges dropped for break in

A couple weeks ago a woman broke into Drake’s LA home, drank all his Pepsi, put on one of his hoodies and then just chilled till a member of his “team” came across her.   Reminded me so much 2017-04-20 12-49-49of the girl that broke into Brad Pitt LA home, ate lunch, put on his sweatshirt and went to sleep in his bed till the maid found her.  But I digress.

Naturally, the woman was arrested and is being held on $100,000 bail.  But now she’s getting support from an unlikely place. Drake himself.  In a wonderful show of humanity, Drake is asking LA police to drop the charges because he feels she is mentally ill and that prison is no place for her to rehabilitate.

As TMZ states, it’s highly unlikely the D.A. would pursue this case any further without Drake wanting to make this woman a felon over a six pack of soda.

Score one for humanity.