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10th Anniversary of Kim K’s Sex Tape

I try real hard not to even mention the Kardashians or their extended family, but sometimes there are events (paris robbery) or milestone (this dumb shit) that we feel we should note.

That sex tape she made with then boyfriend Ray J was the start of so much nonsense. Prior to that she was just part of Paris Hilton’s gaggle of hangerons and no one knew who she was.  And I hold on to those memories. I hold them close.

According to TMZ, the tape, entitled Kim Kardashian Superstar, has now received 210 million views, for online, DVD and VividTV and netted a mind blowing $100,000,000!!!!   And apparently Ray J still earns $90k every three months in royalties for the video.

Kim was 23 at the time the film was made – the couple had nipped off to the Esperanza resort in Cabo, Mexico to celebrate her birthday.  The 41-minute movie was filmed on a handheld camera in 2003. She was apparently with Paris Hilton when the film leaked.




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