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Trading Spaces is Returning to TLC!

God I was a HUUUGE fan of Trading Spaces.  Happy neighbors decorating each others homes with little more than craft glue and roadside furniture finds.   And unlike the dozens of home makeover shows out there today, many of these people did not like this shit you just did to their house and they were letting you know it.

So here’s the good news. TLC has announced its hit home makeover show Trading Spaces is coming back.

In revealing the news at the Discovery Communications Upfront on Tuesday in New York, TLC president and general manager Nancy Daniels described the reality show as one of TLC’s ‘most successful and most iconic series,’ according to People.

All we know is it’s set to air in early 2018.  I’m stoked.

Here’s a few pictures of actual rooms done on the show:


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  • I’m both excited and appalled. I think almost every contestant on these shows have attested to how shoddy the workmanship is even on the rooms that are nicer. like caulked out corners because the carpenters didn’t miter right or whatever. I still think it’s fun but it’s like signing up to give yourself a shit ton of work. I would consider it, though, for my living room – so they’d pull up the teal carpet and replace it with something else. anything is better than teal carpet, right? I can repaint the rest of the stuff. aaaanyways. woo.

  • Remember the show where the home owner had some sort of phobia about feet, so they painted a giant foot on the living room wall. Also, in another show the home owner stated that they hated the colour brown, so natch, that had to be the colour chosen for her family room. When she saw the new brown space she totally flipped and then jumped on top of her neighbour for a beat down. OMG! I totally cannot wait for this show to come back. Oh, another one, they were re-doing a kitchen for a pastor who was against all forms of alcohol consumption, so they pasted wine labels all over the kitchen walls.