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Patrick Stewart in drag looks just like Kellyanne Conway


The internet has found a new pair of celebrity doppelgängers: Kellyanne Conway and Patrick Stewart … in drag.

About a year ago, Stewart dressed in drag for a screening of his Starz show “Blunt Talk” — and people are just now freaking out over the physical similarities between a dolled-up Stewart, 76, and the 50-year-old counselor to President Trump.

Commenting on Stewart’s platinum-blond wig, bright-pink dress and full face of makeup, one Twitter user pointed out, “Patrick Stewart in drag is Kellyanne Conway,” while another commented, “He makes a better Kellyanne Conway than Kellyanne Conway.”

Other fans quickly tweeted to “Saturday Night Live,” asking the show to bring in the actor to play Conway.  Yes please.


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  • The truth of the matter is nobody cares if he is gay or what he does in his private life, but they do care that she is a Muppet and a liar for Trump. Go Patrick Stewart and Blunt Talk.

    “The naked truth is always better than the best-dressed lie.”

    ? Ann Landers