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Potter star reunited with dog. Grab tissues

This is the sweetest video I’ve seen in ages and I am not remotely embarrassed to say I cried. For a while.

So a couple weeks ago, ‘Harry Potter’ actor Jim Tavaré was in a terrible car accident that sent him to the ICU for 2 weeks. But even more upsetting, Jim’s dog Mr Kippy managed to get out of the car and took off and hadn’t been seen since.

Well Mr Kippy has been found! And as you can see, both owner and dog are super happy to see one another.




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  • I know you don’t hear from me very often but I have a similar story to share. My daughter’s boyfriend’s brother was driving with HIS girlfriend across central Washington in the snow and dark and ran a stop sign. They were hit broadside by a car coming thru the crossroad. The girlfriend was ejected from the car and killed. The brother suffered broken ribs but was otherwise ok. His dog was ejected and ran off (in the winter, in the snow). My daughter and her boyfriend drove out there (150-200 miles), and spent THREE DAYS looking for the dog. Everywhere. They combed the place. 30 minutes before they finally HAD to leave, they found the dog (unharmed) who had wandered off to a farmhouse. The dog was reunited with owner, who I am sure had his share of issues to deal with but a missing/dead dog was not going to be one of them. Kudos to my daughter and her boyfriend for their – ahem – dogged persistence.