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The Fight Video You Have to See

I hope that title didn’t sound click baity, because I really meant it.  The video is several months old, but since I’m just seeing it I thought you might not have.  Thank you to Lebron James for sharing.

Two young men are fighting in the street, surrounded by “friends” who are typically hooting and laughing and egging them on.  The stranger steps in between them to explain the futility of their fisticuffs and even more so, that those they’re entertaining by bludgeoning one another are laughing at them.  They aren’t being revered as tough guys, they’re being laughed at as jokes.

The stunned silence of the majority of the kids (save for our camera man) is so moving. And the strangers pleas that “Ya’ll about to be men and women. Act like it”, actually made me cry.

Millions have seen the video and many like Lebron are commending the stranger for refusing to let another generation of kids slip through the cracks.