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Kim Kardashian Prepared for rape in Paris Heist

I don’t normally make a Kardashian part of my daily read, but I do read everything I see about the Paris heist that Kim suffered through.  It was a real and terrifying thing and she in now way deserved it.  So fuck anyone saying having her jewels on instagram brought it on. Greed and lawlessness brought it on.


Kim on Sundays KUWTK

Back to todays info.

Kwas getting ready, in her mind, to be raped and killed by the men who robbed her in Paris … and hearing Kim tell it is harrowing.

Kim fully opened up about the robbery on Sunday’s ‘KUWTK’, saying she went so far as to imagine Kourtney would be the one who found her dead body.

She paints a very vivid picture of the ordeal, and combined with the crime scene photos… you can imagine the horror she felt in that moment.

So there’s the one episode of that dreadful show I’d watch. Not that I will.


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