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SUV Biggie Smalls was murdered in is on sale

In the fall we told you about Tupac memorabilia being auctioned. In particular a pendant worn by tupac and dented by a bullet from a 1994 shooting in New York City.3DEF1D5D00000578-4280648-image-m-91_1488597280363

No the green SUV that Notorious B.I.G. was shot dead in is on sale for $1.5million, complete with a bullet hole in the seat belt where the legendary rapper was sitting.

The 1997 Suburban that Biggie Smalls was riding in when he was murdered 20 years ago this March 9th is up for grabs, according to a California record submitted on Thursday.

According to the current owner, the family had purchased the car in October of 1997, a few months after Biggie was killed.  And they said they didn’t even know the history of the car till 2005 when detectives called about a wrongful death suit and needing to see the car.  Although how do you not ask questions when you buy a car with bullet holes in it?

After seeing that Tupac Shakur’s BMW, complete with bullet holes in the black car doors, was on sale for $1.5million she decided to sell the car, for the same price. The owner added that she requested that the Los Angeles Police Department would return the car doors, which still have bullet holes, when the investigation was closed.