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Penny Floors: The art project you live on

With just 3 $50 bags of pennies from the bank and some elmer’s glue, this woman turned a small space in her home into a gorgeous handcrafted floor.

Imgur user TonyaTooners posted an amazing photo essay of her weekend flooring project to create an amazing patterned floor out of just pennies and it’s given us serious envy wood.  The patience required alone would count us out, but the detail is so impressive.

Drew an axis to follow along. I started by glueing one diamond shape in the center. I let it dry so I could push the next pennies against the center without the whole thing sliding. Didn’t really have a design in mind. Just started with the diamonds, liked how it looked and kept going. 2017-02-08 13-03-55


Found a pattern I liked along the edge and then started working towards a corner. Luckily, there was a gap between the molding and floor so I could run the pennies under the molding to complete the edges. This was stupid hard though because the gap was only about 1/2″. Had to use my trusty ruler to poke the pennies around under the gap. 2017-02-08 12-59-35 2017-02-08 13-00-10 2017-02-08 13-00-38 2017-02-08 13-01-30


Picture after epoxying. In an attempt to keep the epoxy contained, since it is self leveling, and to tidy up the edges and hide the gap between the molding and the floor I installed a little 1/2″ molding strip along the bottom edge. To cover up the unfinished edge between the penny floor and the existing wood floor I installed a room divider strip thingy (I forgot what it’s called). 2017-02-08 13-01-46


Look at the detail she put into the actual placing of the coins:

Close up. You can see the pennies alternate heads/tails and all face the same direction because I’m crazy and I hate myself.” 2017-02-08 13-02-08






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  • Cool floor. But I wish women would stop with the self-deprecation. You’re crazy and you hate yourself? Why???

  • Anyone know the square footage of this room? I’m thinking about doing this on my patio/deck and trying to getting an idea of total cost. This is so eclectic and I love it. Also, how will the epoxy hold up to extreme temperatures?

  • Hey am a guy that’s passionate about construction particularly finishings….this is something I would love to learn and be a part of….it’s so priceless… Am in Uganda… I really have had a dream of doing unique stuff because I’ve always wanted to stand out with my work…this is definitely something I would love to begin doing….. How can I learn???