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Boston bombing victim to marry firefighter who saved her

This story is so adorable that if Hollywood had made it (or decides to make it) it would be too sweet to swallow.

Roseann Sdoia was one of the people horribly injured in the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013. She spent a lot of time in ICU and then had to have her leg amputated.  And while she was laid up in the hospital, a visitor arrived. It was the fireman who carried her to safety following the blast.

“I asked him if I was going to die. And he told me that I was going to be OK, that I only had a flesh wound,” she recalled.

“He’s seen me on my worst day.”Roseann-Sdoia-and-Mike-Materia-Facebook-640x480

As weeks passed, the pair struck up a friendship. Materia helped her track down a prosthetist and get back on her feet emotionally and physically, she said.

“I knew I was starting to have feelings for him because he was so kind and caring,” she said. “And he has an unbelievable smile.”

The lovebirds went on their first date in June 2013. A month later, they spent the Fourth of July on Nantucket. Last month, he proposed on a lookout deck at the island’s whaling museum with the help of their pooch, Sal.

The dog was wearing a special engraved dog tag that read, “Mike wants to know . . . If you’ll marry him.”

“Sal means so much to both of us,” she said. “It couldn’t have been more romantic.”

The couple now plans to have a small wedding in October or November.