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Celine Dion Is Joining “The Voice”… But It’s Not What You Think

celine dion

When I first read the above headline myself, I thought, “WTF?” First of all, Celine Dion is an absolute legend. She’s one of the best divas in the history of modern pop music and will forever be revered for that. So… she really doesn’t need to go on The Voice, right? Sure, she’s doing the whole Vegas residency thing, which is basically where artists go to die, but that was more of a decision necessitated by her now deceased husband’s ailing health and her desire to raise her children in one stable place. Gotta make that paycheck… but she doesn’t have to go on reality TV, does she?

Thankfully, it’s not quite as bad as it seems. Celine is indeed going on The Voice, but only to advise judge Gwen Stefani (you see my point?) as she coaches her contestants and chooses which songs they’ll perform for the upcoming battle rounds on this season of the show.

Both Gwen and Celine hit up the TODAY show today to gush about working together, which I guess is nice and all. Celine has always been a bit zany and not at all up her own ass, so it’s kinda endearing that she doesn’t think she’s too good for The Voice. I’m sure she’ll provide some serious entertainment when her episodes air.