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Kylie Jenner Posts “Personal” Story To App, Regrets It, Blames It On Her “Team”

kylie jenner

If you pride yourself on remaining as ignorant as possible about the goings-on of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, congratulations – you’re doing God’s work. That means you probably don’t know that several members of the family have their own apps, where you can pay for “exclusive” content – more selfies of them, video content of them doing dumb stuff, fashion advice they don’t even write, etc. Kylie Jenner‘s is super popular, which is why a post she made earlier this week offering advice on how to please your man pretty much blew up immediately.

Kylie shared some personal anecdotes about how she keeps Tyga happy, including wearing sexy lingerie, making him breakfast in bed in the morning, and getting him personalized chopsticks, which he apparently wanted. All in all, it was unnecessary but nothing too crazy – “lingerie, toys and massage” isn’t all that out there for a girl who posts videos and videos of herself in various states of undress on a daily basis, but people went CRAZY to the point that Kylie immediately regretted her decision to post and blamed it on her team.

So here’s my question: if her team wrote it, why would she say she won’t be posting personally “anymore”. Also, how and why would her team write a personalized message about the things Kylie does for Tyga in first person? None of it makes any sense, though neither does paying a monthly fee for a Kylie Jenner app, so whatever.

Here’s the message in question: