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Kanye has 15 Minute sit down with Trump

Kanye West is holding a 15-minute sit-down with President-elect Donald Trump.

The rapper swept into Trump Tower with an entourage which included his mother-in-law’s 35-year-old boyfriend shortly after 9am for the meeting with the man he recently called a ‘genius’.

TMZ reported that the meeting was at Kanye’s request and that Trump had agreed to it.

The 39-year-old, who until recently had been recovering from a nervous breakdown in hospital in Los Angeles, was taken upstairs without speaking to reporters.  Many believe the meeting is to talk about being the musical entertainment at Trumps inauguration.   Right now Trump can’t get anyone but Kid Rock to do it and I’m pretty sure Kid Rock is playing carnivals at this point. So Kanye would be a real get.

I actually want him to do it. I hope it puts an end to the Kanye era. And take that wife with you too.