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Inside the Flip or Flop Break Up 2016-12-13 09-11-22

Like many people, I am full on addicted to HGTV.  I’ve got shiplap fever. I’m mentally flipping every house I see.   And I know Tarek and Christina El Moussa better than anyone. At least in my mind.  I did NOT see this coming.

So what happened was a few months ago there was some type of altercation in the El Moussa home in Orange County, California.  This led to Tarek running to the wall safe to retrieve his gun, in what some are reporting was a possible threat of suicide.  That’s when police were called. And police came complete with choppers!

Tarek ran from the house and down a hiking trail off the back of the home.  Soon after Christina came running from the home. This was all being captured on film by police, but has not been released. But those who have seen it say police spotted Tarek and demanded he drop his weapon. At which time he did, and was taken into custody.

Back at the El Moussa home, Tarek told police he was just blowing off some steam.  He also said he only had guns in the home to protect his family from mountain lions and snakes. Although police recovered 5 guns, including an AK 15. Which seems excessive for animal protection.

Christina and Tarek say they decided to separate while they reevaluate their marriage. As far as the incident goes … they’ll only say it was an “unfortunate misunderstanding.”  They add that they’re committed to co-parenting, and … “will continue to work through this process civilly and cooperatively, and plan to continue our professional life together.”





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  • He needs help. probably shouldn’t have guns around.
    I don’t have problems and it’s none of your goddamm business why I own a particular gun legally.