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Jessica Chastain Positive About Trump’s Win in The Edit


Actress Jessica Chastain gets her closeup on cover of December’s The Edit from fashion retailers Net-a-Porter.

She is photographed by Chris Colls, the ‘Miss Sloane’ star wears a green Emilio Pucci dress with a halter neck top and the rest of the looks are very 70s and amazing.

The big story coming out of this feature for the Edit, is her optimistic take on Trump that was from before he won the election where despite supporting Hillary Clinton during the election, she’s taking an optimistic approach to Donald Trump’s win. As she sees it, Trump could be a good thing for the feminist movement.

“I think [Trump] being so popular is really an example of why feminism is so important,” she told the fashion magazine. “he is bringing it all to the forefront, and I am very grateful for him in doing that. You have to look at the world in a positive way otherwise you just want to cry.”

So Chastain, in case you were wondering – is not a Trump supporter…just an overly positive and you have to be when you’ve won at life.









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  • Face ignorant monkey performer, YOUR criminal/candidate LOST in America because of who she is and what she represents to normal Americans.
    Your hipster doofus idiots in Brooklyn/LA/etc think that their opinions matter MORE than the unwashed masses of America.
    Please skank, STFU. Your ignorance of reality is too much to take in. I’m going now to my “safe place” with my baby killing semi automatic AK.

    • More americans voted for Clinton by a large margin so you might want to check your privilege. Republicans only win by cheating and bending the rules take for example the 100s of thousands of voters purged in republican run states and Trump still barely one in most of those.

    • She’s POSITIVE alright, positive her fellow Social Justice Warriors LOST like the dogs that they are.
      Positive that she will not take my guns from me.
      Positive she’ll be suckin’ muslim cock under sharia law.