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Johnny Depp Won’t Pay Amber Heard’s Divorce Settlement, Spreads Lies About Her Instead

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Johnny Depp is a miserable old drunk and an abusive piece of shit, but somehow he’s still getting work in Hollywood and not really facing much backlash. Ah, the joys of being a rich white dude. His fuckery continues unchecked, though, as he seems to be withholding Amber Heard‘s $7 million divorce settlement while simultaneously having his minions spreading the word that she’s gone back on her promise to donate the money to the ACLU, a children’s hospital and other domestic violence charities. Okay, so that last part hasn’t been proven, but it’s a bit too convenient.

Here’s the deal: TMZ reported some sensationalized story about how Amber’s charity money is still “MIA”, which isn’t exactly true since… she hasn’t received it yet. TMZ has always been pretty supportive of Depp and spoken in favor of him, so there’s no surprises there, but it’s all bullshit. It also comes just on the heels of Amber’s domestic violence PSA:

The reality is, Johnny needs to pay up. He’s said before he wants to make the donations himself on Amber’s half (he wants the tax breaks). There’s also the possibility he might not want to pay her at all. Either way, fuck Johnny Depp.

Oh yeah, and TMZ was forced to recant their statements and admit that the ACLU has already received $350k from Amber, so there’s that.

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  • The only abusive piece of shit here is the one who was actually was arrested for dv against her partner. Johnny Depp gets roles because he is a great actor. Amber Heard is a spoiled brat who is toast in Hollywood and her acting sucks.
    P.S. TMZ reported later that Johnny did in fact give that $350K to UCLA, not Amber. He probably doesn’t trust her and who can blame him.

    • Nice try! She was arrested NEVER charged and the “victim” (who had her arm grabbed allegedly) defended her and said that she was wrongfully accused for an incident that was misinterpreted. And that she still has the upmost respect for Amber. Yep that sounds like she was abused! Amber’s ex isn’t on her payroll and they haven’t been together in years. But let’s not act like this incident was horrible because the charges don’t get dropped if so. And wrong! SHE paid 350,000 to the ACLU.They emailed tmz and confirmed that! He paid 100,00 and is refusing to pay her the 7mil. And since we’re talking about arrests your boy has been arrested multiple times for violent outburst including 1994 where he trashed a hotel room with his girlfriend in it. And oh yeah he has still NEVER DENIED ABUSE! And admitted in that joint statement that she didn’t lie.Stop worshiping and defending him when he won’t even do it himself!