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Prince Harry Is Definitely Dating Meghan Markle & He’s Sick Of You Talking Shit About Her

prince harry meghan markle

Prince Harry is like the carefree bachelor of the royal family, which makes a lot of sense. He basically has zero chance of ever sitting on the throne, so why shouldn’t he live the life he wants and party hard? He certainly seems to have adopted that attitude, and good for him. He has never shown any inclination towards settling down and while he’s had serious relationships before, in recent years he has tended to stay a bit more unattached… until now. Rumors had been swirling that Harry’s dating Suits actress Meghan Markle and even I called bullshit – it wouldn’t be the first time he was linked to someone he hadn’t so much as met. Imagine my shock, then, when I discovered it’s true and confirmed by Kensington Palace itself!

Unfortunately, the confirmation has a negative slant – the only reason KP addressed it at all is that Meghan is receiving so much abuse online and in the press about her relationship with Harry and he’s sick of the racist, sexist, and just outright rude attacks.

Full statement is below:

Of course she’s being attacked… because any time an attractive male in the public eye decides to have a relationship, the woman is a slut, a bitch, deserves death threats, deserves harrassment, etc. Ugh, THIS WORLD!