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The Mannequin Challenge: Know your Memes 2016-11-07 21-15-23


Hold up! The latest internet video meme craze whateverthefuckyouwanttocallit… it the “Mannequin Challenge”. And it’s pretty cool, actually.  Think ‘Harlem Shake’, but the complete opposite.

Part group art project and part video fad, this latest craze has dominated on social media since way back last week, so catch it before it fades! Get a group of people and get a cool pose going and FREEZE! Easy, right?  Try doing it with several hundred people or while hanging in mid air.

Most of the time the pose is accompanied by the awesome beat song “Black Beetle” by Rae Sremmurd. Which is reason enough to check them out.  But seriously, some of these are way impressive.


High School Cheerleaders pull off Impressive Mannequin Challenge


University of Kentucky Mannequin Challenge


Zack King’s Mannequin Challenge