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Art Furniture that’s like Living under the Sea!


Designer Porky Hefer, from Cape Town, South Africa, created this amazing collection of hanging chairs that resemble different animals – like an orca, a pufferfish, a pelican, a manta ray, an alligator, and an anglerfish.   The series of furniture, entitled Monstera Deliciosa, are strongly woven and easily allow a person to sit, nay swing, in the unusual functioning art.

According to Hefer, each ‘nest environment’ was made using traditional South African craft skills, like stitching, weaving, and splicing together various fibers. He even collaborated with local craftsmen, including master weaver Ismael Bey, to revive a dying craft.

‘Ismael has trained weavers at the Cape Town Society for the Blind, where I’ve had a lot of my designs produced’, Hefer said. ‘In this way, I use his traditional knowledge and weaving skills and subvert these into non-traditional forms, making them more relevant’.

These gorgeous and delightful pieces do actually come up for sale from time to time. But the price isn’t disclosed. Which is curator speak for “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it”.  Oh well. 2016-11-06 16-13-24

















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  • Such an amazing collection of hanging chairs! I love animals and so, I think these chairs are awesome for me to install in my bedroom and guestroom. I am dying to install these chairs at my living space. Now, I am looking forward for more elegant and sophisticated furniture collection to enhance the appeal of my room! Great job!