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Rob Kardashian Is “Nervous” About Becoming A Father

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I’m a garbage person, so I’ll freely admit that I love Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I may not particularly like or respect the people in it, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t make for some intensely watchable TV. I always used to feel bad for Rob Kardashian, to be honest. He was more introverted and low-key than the rest of the showboating family, he seemed really misunderstood and he wasn’t really interested in being famous, unlike his sisters and even his mother. He also lost his dad, the one person he was super close to growing up, and was sorta left in the lurch. It was a shitty situation and no wonder he dealt with mental health issues. Things haven’t necessarily improved over the years, either — now he’s shacked up with Blac Chyna (or not — rumor on the street is that they broke up months ago because she couldn’t deal with his issues) and getting ready to become a father. Uh oh!

While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week, Rob’s big sister Khloe admitted that her bro is “nervous” about being a dad but she thinks he’ll be a good one when the baby is born.

“Rob has so many traits like my dad, so I think he’s gonna be great with a baby. I’m sure he’s nervous, I think any new dad should be.”

“Chyna keeps going, ‘Are you ready? We’re having a baby!’ But we meaning, her and I. And I’m like, ‘Ah yes,’ laughing it off, and now I’m beginning to think no, she’s really serious, like it’s really her and I.”

Apparently they’re going to televise the birth, because nothing in this family happens unless there’s a camera crew around to document it and air it on E!

There’s no doubt the baby will be taken care of — Mama K will see to that, and that’s good. But parenting is far from being all about material goods, and I really worry for Rob in a parenting role when he’s clearly so unstable on his own, let alone when looking after a baby. Chyna already has a son, King, from her relationship with Kylie‘s current boyfriend Tyga (WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS FAMILY?) and I’m not here to judge her parenting skills, but I’ll just say God help the lot of them.