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Quentin Tarantino Is Retiring Soon

quentin tarantino

Admittedly, I’m not really a Quentin Tarantino fan. There are a few movies of his I enjoyed well enough — Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill — but I was never as nuts about him as a lot of people seem to be. That’s why the news that Tarantino will be retiring after his next two movies really kinda does nothing for me. It’s a shame for his fans, but I’m sure the world will keep on spinning.

Still, Tarantino isn’t that old — why’s he throwing in the towel so soon? Apparently he only wants to make 10 movies. There doesn’t seem to be any real reason beyond that, but he seems to think it’s making a real statement.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

“Drop the mic. Boom. Tell everybody, ‘Match that shit,'” he said Thursday to much applause at Adobe Max, a creativity conference held by the software giant inside the San Diego Convention Center.

“Hopefully, the way I define success when I finish my career is that I’m considered one of the greatest filmmakers that ever lived. And going further, a great artist, not just filmmaker,” he said. The audience laughed and applauded.

Uh, how about no, dude? Yeah, he’s talented, but it’s a shame humility seems to be in such short supply in Hollywood.

Will you miss Tarantino?