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First Pics of Kim K Since Attack in Paris!

Like most people, I have my issues with Kim. I’ve always swore I’d never write a thing about her b/c I wont add fuel to her fame flame.   But then this horrible thing happened in Paris and her genuine and human reaction to it all has just really made my heart go out to her.   Not to steal focus, but I was attacked several years ago in my home and was terrified and nearly agoraphobic for months after.  And the fear and isolation she must feel must just be fucking with her so bad.  You can’t live that publically for that long and suddenly go into serious hiding and not have at least some sort of realization that how you were living was insane.  B/c it was. Barack Obama isn’t as monitored as that girl.

Anyway, here’s Kim K out with that Cheban dude she’s friends with out getting ice cream. She’s in shabby (though expensive, I’m sure) attire, no make-up and she looks worn down.  And my heart actually goes out to her.





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