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Kristen Stewart Has A New Girlfriend & They’re The Most Hipster Couple Ever

kstew st vincent

When last you likely heard of Kristen Stewart‘s romantic life, she was cozied up with girlfriend Alicia Cargyle and while the pair had a rocky on-again, off-again relationship happening, KStew revealed that she was happier than ever and totally in love earlier this year. Well, something seems to have changed that that relationship is no longer. The new relationship on the block is between Kristen and indie musician St. Vincent (aka Annie Clark), who herself recently got out of a relationship with Cara Delevingne.

According to US Weekly, KStew and Annie have been getting “very romantic” together and are an official item.

The actress, 26, brought the 34-year-old musician — newly single from a summer split with Cara Delevingne, her girlfriend of over a year — to the New York Film Festival screening of her latest film, Certain Women, October 3. “They spent almost every day together after that,” says the insider.

The next day, the pair, first spotted together at an L.A. comedy show August 30, grabbed lunch at sushi restaurant Soba-Ya and took an afternoon stroll through NYC’s East Village. Stewart attended St. Vincent’s October 9 concert in L.A. the following week.

“It’s been very romantic,” the source adds. “Kristen is always whispering closely in her ear and asking her opinion.”

I don’t know about you, but nothing sets my loins on fire quite like being asked my opinion. That’s almost too hot to handle! I can’t believe they were doing it in PUBLIC!

Frankly, I hate the idea that two women can’t be friends just because they are both publicly identified as bisexual. Not all LGBT people want to bang each other, just like all straight people don’t. They literally could just be friends.

Or, you know, they could be shacking up. Who’s to say?