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Arnold Schwarzenegger and his Tabloid Baby do Oktoberfest

A few years ago, a pretty major story broke about action star and Guvernator involving a notorious sexual relationship with the housekeeper that resulted in a son. A son named Joseph Baena that led to his very public divorce from his Kennedy – Maria Shriver.

With adultery, comes public shame in the tabloids, because America doesn’t love adultery, but love to talk about it a lot, and I guess practice it, because nothing is sacred, especially when it is with high profile people like actors, politicians or in Arnie’s case…both.

Apparently, Schwarzenegger’s relationship with his son has been kept pretty secret or out of the media, probably to protect the child, who is no longer a child, but rather 19 and a spitting hispanic image of his body building dad.

He posted this picture in Munich beer hall with this caption:

“Happy birthday, Joseph. Great student, great athlete. I’m proud of you and I love you!

Because not all rich guys pay off the women they knock up, but all celebrity kids, no matter how well rounded they try to be, or look like they are, in one single picture, they all end up spoiled brat terrors. So watch out world, we’ve got a new one to look out for.