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The RiRi & Drake Relationship Sealed with a Tattoo 2016-09-02 07-32-20

Rihanna’s tattoo (c) Instagram

What’s could be better for a blossoming relationship than get it inked on you body for life? To be fair, Rihanna didn’t get Drakes name or anything. Instead a cute little camo colored shark.  Here’s the deal… So last month, while still deep in the closet, Rihanna and Drake were on a covert date at an aquarium in Toronto. (Remember Drake is a Canadian)  As any gentleman would, Drake got his date a stuffed shark to remember their day by.

Advance 5 weeks later and we’re kissing on stage, whispering in crowds and branding our skin with a camo shark to commemorate love. Easy Peasy!  For realz tho, I like these two. Drake is corny as hell and after a string of shit boyfriends, that included scum like Chris Brown, safe and corny seems like a perfect choice. You have my blessing.